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Use Cases:  Work Order & Vendor Invoice Automation

Our client (SMS Assist) provides repair, maintenance, and renovation services for commercial and residential facilities.   With over 200K properties, 30K vendors and 3M work orders annually and growing over 300% annually, the workforce for keeping up with work order and invoice processing was not scalable.   nBotix implemented an Intelligent Automation solution using SS&C | Blue Prism® to reduce the large workforce, greatly increase the throughput and introduce an automation solution.

The Challenge...
Time:  Thousands of service calls occur each day which need to be billed to clients and entered for vendor payments

Resources:  Company growing year-over-year with large staff increases to support growth

Systems:  Custom Work Order Management solution along with other off-the-shelf solutions

Complexity:  Extremely complex processes and rules around processing and exception handling

Architecture:  Hybrid Cloud solutions in AWS and on-premise

The Process...
Work order are completed by over 30K vendors, where each work order must be verified that work was completed to meet expectations and then prepared for final submission of payment.

The Solution...
An integrated Intelligent Automation / RPA Solution was developed by nBotix using Blue Prism to provide a scalable solution across a hybrid AWS/On-premise architecture where manual processes were replaced with intelligent rule-drive automation.  The intelligent automation solution would review notes and photos of work along with billing information and submit the order for payment or flag for additional review.


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