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Use Cases:  SAP Ariba Automation

Our client provides shipping and industrial supplies to businesses.  The credit and collection process included manual entry across multiple systems including Oracle, SAP Ariba, SPS Commerce and with a team of 6 FTE resources often working 50+ hours weekly.

The Challenge...
  • Team wasn’t getting through an entire day’s worth
  • Due to frequency of staff changes, training was required each time a resource was onboarded
  • System outages often required overtime to catch up
  • Processes were tedious and not rewarding for employees
  • Quality issues were costly to the department and company

Automation Success...
  • Reduction of team resource requirements by 80%
  • Processes completed with no employee overtime
  • Automation included 95% of the process and included less than 5% exceptions which required manual intervention
  • Eliminated training needs


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